May 2008
New car Sandero
As a quality recognition of our products, the new car "Sandero" launched by Dacia, will be equipped with instrument clusters manufactured at Calinesti.

March 2009
Logan SUV
Takosan Otomobil Turkey will manufacture the instrument clusters for new Dacia car (SUV), which will be launched in 2010.


Member of Nursanlar Group from Turkey, Takosan Automotiv was born in 2005, as the main instrument clusters supplier for Dacia-Renault factory.

Since the beginning, the organization top management established strategies and clear objectives for achieve the excellence in customers relations. As result, the products developed and manufactured together with our suppliers succeed to satisfy customers requests and expectations.

The quality management system development and implementation according to ISO/TS 16949, the investments in technology, and personnel quality, were and remain the main strong points of Takosan Automotiv.

Our organization is new on market, but our main partner Takosan Otomobil Turkey, is manufacturer of automotive components since 1977. Excellent relationship that we have with Dacia - Renault are a continuity of partnership between Takosan Otomobil Turkey and Dacia from 80 - 90 years.

The instrument cluster is the most visualized element of the car, and his quality and reliability are priorities for us. Our most exigent customer is the final customer (car user), which is in permanent contact with our product.

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